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Board Member Interview: Georgia Narsavage

Briefly, tell us about your professional work – including the communities you work with, experiences in higher education or a community-based organization. My professional work involving community-campus partnerships has been ongoing for decades.  I have been a University administrator, educator, researcher, and advanced practice nurse who works toward improving care for older patients with chronic [...]

Community-campus Partnerships at the Endeleo Institute

The Endeleo (Endeleo is Swahili for progress, growth and development) Institute is a nonprofit 501c3, a member organization of Trinity United Church of Christ, one of the largest African-American churches in the City of Chicago. Endeleo provides services through the lens of health, education and community development, all of which overlap and contribute to the [...]

Forging Sustainable Community-Academic Partnerships to Improve Population Health and Reduce Health Disparities in Rural Locales

The mission of CCPH, “to promote health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic institutions”, summarizes my career as a public and population health professional. The eradication of health disparities and commitment to social justice has been at the center of my work as a scientist and academic leader.  Since 2013, I [...]

Immigrant Health Amidst Structural Violence and Fear: An Emerging Path for CCPH

I intimately see anti-immigrant sentiment played out in my day-to-day life – personally and professionally. My work over the past almost 20 years has focused on African immigrants and refugees in Massachusetts and nationally, specifically building community-led solutions for HIV/STD service delivery, research, training and advocacy. Too often African immigrants and refugees are lost under [...]

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