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Our Board

Meet CCPH’s Board of Directors! Click on each photograph to learn more about their work.

Bettina Beech
Bettina BeechBoard Member
Jen Brown
Jen BrownBoard Member
Suzanne Cashman
Suzanne CashmanBoard Member
Senaida Fernandez-Poole
Senaida Fernandez-PooleBoard Member
Rosey Hunter
Rosey HunterBoard Member
Farrah Jacquez
Farrah JacquezBoard Member
Angela Mashford-Pringle
Angela Mashford-PringleBoard Member
Rhonda McClinton-Brown
Rhonda McClinton-BrownBoard Member
Georgia L. Narvasage
Georgia L. NarvasageBoard Member
Chioma Nnaji
Chioma NnajiBoard Member
Ann-Gel Palermo
Ann-Gel PalermoBoard Member
Melvin Thompson
Melvin ThompsonBoard Member
Antonio Tovar-Aguilar
Antonio Tovar-AguilarBoard Member
Karriem Watson
Karriem WatsonBoard Chair
Sacoby Wilson
Sacoby WilsonBoard Member