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Clinical Scholars Program

Prospective 2018 Applicants

Program applications are due March 14, 2018. Our hope is to have as diverse an applicant pool as possible and that all potentially eligible candidates know about the new focus of the programs.

Clinical Scholar Fellows eligibility criteria:

  • Health care practitioners clinically licensed and active for at least 5 years in their chosen discipline and practicing within the U.S. or U.S. Territories.
  • Clinical Scholar candidates apply in diverse inter-professional teams with 2-5 core members.
  • Teams identify a wicked health problem and propose an approach that recognizes systemic complexity of reducing the disparity and achieving optimal health.
  • Selected candidates receive $105,000 in program dollars per scholar and leadership training for three years. Example: 4 scholars x $35,000 x 3 years = $420,000
  • Clinical Scholars remain in their current communities and current positions.
  • Clinical Scholars travel twice a year for a week-long onsite training to lead transformative change in their communities to build a Culture of Health. In between onsite sessions, scholars participate in online interactive leadership webinars.

Read the 2018 Fact Sheet for more details on the program. Teams from one profession (all physicians or all pharmacists) are strongly discouraged.

For More Information

Listen to a preview of the new leadership programs by clicking here.

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