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With the rapid growth of time-sensitive information relevant to our mission and our members, we use forums and social media to facilitate the sharing of information. Below are descriptions of these freely available tools and links to access them.

We also distribute a quarterly E-News to keep stakeholders informed about our events, activities and opportunities for involvement. CCPH members automatically receive the same information as Member Highlights and do not need to subscribe.

Several communications tools are open only to CCPH members: Announcements that are customized to member-identified interests are sent out through our online membership directory. To tap into these member-only resources, become a member of CCPH today!

CCPH Forums
The CCPH Forums are a virtual hub for CCPH members and colleagues to post, comment on discussions, give advice or collaborate on all things community-campus partnerships. In addition to the usual postings of news items such as conferences and funding opportunities, what distinguishes CCPH Forums is the opportunity to start a discussion thread to ask questions or seek advice with all the responses on one page so that everyone can benefit from the information they gathered. You can subscribe and receive email notifications to any forum or thread by selecting the “Subscribe” button on the top right corner of the forum webpages.

The CCPH Forums are free, but you must first have at least a basic profile to gain access: Register Now to join the conversation!

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