Processes, Outcomes, and Transformation

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Quality Processes

Quality processes that are relationship focused; open, honest, respectful and ethical; trust building; acknowledging of history; committed to mutual learning and sharing credit.

Meaningful Outcomes

Meaningful outcomes that are tangible and relevant to communities. For example: eliminating health disparities, creating affordable housing, closing the education gap and revitalizing rural economies.


Transformation that occurs at multiple levels, including

  • Personal transformation (e.g. self reflection and heightened political consciousness)
  • Institutional transformation (e.g. changing policies and systems)
  • Community transformation (e.g. community capacity building)
  • Transformation of science and knowledge (e.g. how knowledge is generated, used and valued and what constitutes “evidence” and “ethical practice”)
  • Political transformation (e.g. social justice)

Proper Citation

If you use any content from this Position Statement, including the guiding principles, please use the citation below and let us know by email how you used the information and if it was helpful to you in any way.

Citation: CCPH Board of Directors. Position Statement on Authentic Partnerships. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, 2013.