Project Background and Description 

The goal of STRIDE is to explore and improve the experience of clinical trials for the participants specifically, African Americans and Latinos in ongoing translational clinical trials at each of our three partnering institutions.

STRIDE aims to expand previously developed intervention components by using these community-engaged approaches:

  1. Storytelling for promotion of research literacy.
  2. Simulation-based training for improving culturally appropriate recruitment and informed consent and (e)consent.
  3. Interactive pilot design to be able to refine the intervention and ensure compatibility of routine clinical work-flow.

STRIDE will promote widespread translation/dissemination to CTSA hubs, other research institutions, and community organizations. The project will develop an integrated Toolkit for broad dissemination.

CCPH’s Role

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is supporting Project STRIDE through facilitating a Community of Practice (CoP) for Community Investigators working at each of the program sites (UMASS, University of Alabama Birmingham and Vanderbilt). The Community of Practice is a virtual learning environment that provides CIs with the opportunity to exchange information related to community engagement and share their experiences associated with the project. The monthly sessions are facilitated by Fred Jenoure, a community leader associated with UMASS and Al Richmond, CCPH executive director.

Aims of the Community Investigators:

  1. Deepen the understanding of the role of CI – benefits and impact to minimize health disparities;
  2. Identify priorities for the professional development of CI;
  3. Exchange promising practices and address shared challenges; and
  4. Establish mechanisms for an ongoing community of practice.’


Community Investigators (CIs) provide feedback on all components of the STRIDE project.

Connect to the Work

To learn more about STRIDE, visit the wesbite. To learn more about the Stride Team, visit the team section of the website.