Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View

Background and Purpose:

In 2017, CCPH launched “Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View”, which is a two-day experience. This intensive is designed to provide individuals and communities with a historic understanding regarding structural inequality and skills needed to work in partnerships to address these issues. During the two day intensive, participants:

1) Explore the roots of structural inequality,

2) Discuss real life examples of how to address structural inequalities using both tools of the Community-Based Participatory Research /Approach (CBPR/A) and Community Action Strategies, and

3) Assess the role of authentic partnerships in dismantling structural inequalities.

Highlights of the Intensive:

Groundwater -In this lively and participatory presentation, organizers from The Racial Equity Institute (REI), will use stories and data to present a perspective that racism is fundamentally structural in nature. By examining characteristics of modern-day racial inequity, the presentation introduces participants to an analysis that most find immediately helpful and relevant.

Tour of Stagville State Historic SiteLocated in Durham, NC Historic Stagville comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South.This experience will serve as a ‘real world’ experience in the realities of the United States. It will be a time of stepping back into time to capture a glimpse of the duality of experiences where inequity, lack of diversity and inclusion are an everyday occurrence. The tour will be followed with a debriefing session.

Strategies for Leadership, Transformation and Equity: Using the Tools of the Community-Based Participatory Research Approach (CBPR/A) -Licensed practitioners, non-profit organizations, funding agencies, clinicians, researchers and communities are increasingly calling for collaborative models that involve intended beneficiaries in planning, organizing, bringing about, and sustaining community transformation. Collaboration can be challenging, however, given the different cultures, structures, priorities, leadership, power, policies and practices of community, clinic and agency stakeholders. CBPR/A offers a useful approach that can support collaborative efforts in multiple domains, not just research and bring community transformation.

Participant Feedback

“PLEASE continue to offer these intensives. It was so powerful and an honor to be in the presence of these people to collectively think and re-think structural inequalities in our lives and work”

“You all did an awesome job of creating a safe space for people to openly and honestly have frank question. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to have difficult but fulfilling conversations”

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The Structural Inequalities Intensive coming to New Orleans, LA Summer 2019!

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