Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View

Background and Purpose:

In 2017, CCPH launched “Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View”, which is a two-day experience. This intensive is designed to provide individuals and communities with a historic understanding regarding structural inequality and skills needed to work in partnerships to address these issues. During the two day intensive, participants:

1) Explore the roots of structural inequality,

2) Discuss real life examples of how to address structural inequalities using both tools of the Community-Based Participatory Research /Approach (CBPR/A) and Community Action Strategies, and

3) Assess the role of authentic partnerships in dismantling structural inequalities.

Participant Feedback

“PLEASE continue to offer these intensives. It was so powerful and an honor to be in the presence of these people to collectively think and re-think structural inequalities in our lives and work”

“You all did an awesome job of creating a safe space for people to openly and honestly have frank question. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to have difficult but fulfilling conversations”

We are currently compiling a resource list  for this initiative. Check back soon! In the meantime, if you have additional resources, please submit them to

The Structural Inequalities Intensive coming to New Orleans, Louisiana, August 7-9, 2019!