Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View

Photograph taken at the Inaugural Structural Inequalities Intensive in 2017

Background and Purpose:

Inequities have been systematically integrated into the fabric of our society across every sector – law, education, housing, health. As systems are built, they too can be dismantled. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) has emerged as a leader in exploring the role of partnerships in addressing structural racism. The intensive examines historic and contemporary manifestations of institutional and systemic inequities.

In 2017, CCPH launched “Structural Inequalities: An On the Ground View”, which is a two-day experience.  The format for the Structural Inequality Intensive is designed for participants to look through the lens of equity and have a mindful and heartfelt real-life experience.

Our training can be adapted to multiple formats – virtual and in-person. The overall purpose remains the same— to provide participants with a historical understanding of structural inequalities, systemic racism, and skills needed to work in partnership to address these issues. We ensure participants leave with tools they can use to build a clear framework for a plan to intentionally incorporate skills learned.

What People Say About Our Intensive

“PLEASE continue to offer these intensives. It was so powerful and an honor to be in the presence of these people to collectively think and re-think structural inequalities in our lives and work.”

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity to have difficult but fulfilling conversations.”

“I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into planning the entire intensive. I could not have imagined better presenters/experiences and with such a great group of people.”

“This was an amazing intensive and truly transformative in a way that was engaging and powerful, but also backed up with fact.”

“This experience has changed my life and has provided a broader lens of the work that needs to be done.”

“The value and impact of this experience far exceeded any expectations I had.  I am truly appreciative and grateful.”

We are currently planning for the 2020 Intensive. Check back soon for updated information! In the meantime, if you have additional resources, please submit them to

Photograph from the 2019 Dismantling Structural Inequalities: Infusing the Arts in Our Work Intensive, co-hosted with Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans, LA