Institutional and systemic racism are a direct result of laws, policies, and practices. Inequities have been systematically integrated into the fabric of our society across every sector – law, education, housing, health. As systems are built, they too can be dismantled. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) has emerged as a leader in exploring the role of partnerships in addressing structural racism. The intensive examines historic and contemporary manifestations of institutional and systemic inequities.

The format for the “Introduction to Structural Racism” Intensive is designed for participants to look through the lens of equity and have a mindful and heartfelt, reflective experience. Our training can be adapted to multiple formats – virtual and in-person. The overall purpose remains the same— to provide participants with an historical understanding of structural inequalities, systemic racism, and skills needed to work in partnership to address these issues.

What happens at the end of a CCPH experience is also unique. We ensure participants leave with tools they can use to build a clear framework for a plan to operationalize skills learned. Having the skills needed to work in partnerships to address these issues results in a big increase in the success of their program activities. Participants also have access to the Participant Webpage where they can access the community forum, an online platform to connect, share work, and continue the conversation beyond the intensive.

The virtual session consist of four modules covering the idea, meaning and usefulness of race for the past 500 years: 

Module 1 (1450s – 1750s) The Ideological Origins of Race Inequality in the U.S.

An introduction into the historical context framing the early development of ideas about the meaning of race difference in colonial North America. 

Module 2 (1800s – 1950’s) The History of Race & Racism in the U.S. 

An overview of the creation of a racial hierarchy in the U.S. and the grand-narratives rationalizing social inequality as a function of racial inferiority. 

Module 3 (1940s – 2020) Deconstructing Systemic Racialized Oppression 

An introspective examination of contemporary racism as a system of mutually reinforcing inter-connected system of social practices, structures and institutions that function to deny communities of color benefits of equal membership in society.

Module 4 ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ 

A virtual workshop for participants to work through ideas about race and racism to chart out a strategy for disrupting the systemic reproduction of structural racism.

Included training materials and resources:

  • Guided Workbook: Includes Guided Discussion Questions, Reflection Prompts and Module Readings
  • Resource Guide: 40+ pages of comprehensive, multimedia recommendations to support ongoing learning related to Structural Inequalities, including Racism
  • Participant Webpage: Landing page where are resources mentioned above will be stored and discussion boards for continued discourse are accessed.

2021 Registration Opening Soon!

Training includes:

  • Two 3-hour Virtual Classroom Sessions
  • One option office hour

Registration Rates:

$775 – Institution-Based Participant

$375 – Community-Based Participant

$250 – Student Participant

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